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If you are stuck in your life, physically, mentally or even financially, you might feel hopeless and need someone to help you overcome your problems.

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Discover your purpose, unlock keys to boost your energy, or reignite passion in your relationship, among so much more. Whatever you are looking for, our Event Specialists can guide you to your ideal experience at a Tony m Cyrus seminar.

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With over a decade experience in business and corporate coaching, we help you in communication, sales, people management and leadership.

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Success Stories 

Don Thingauy

I feel grateful to have met this guy because he saved my relationship. After 10 years of endless fights with my wife, we did close the past. Today we are very happy, having the best time ever together.

Nataphon Chaithon

Tony's strategies and tools have been at the core our our company culture from the beginning, he has been one of our critical keys to our company leadership in people management and growth into an outstanding business.

Chatree Sarawud

Tony"s sales coaching helped my company to increase our revenue 76% percent more than previous years, it was a total different that we were doing sales, based on hardsales but we learned better techniques to be able to do soft sales and build relationship with our key customers.

Tony's Story

As a young child and a teenager Tony suffered from obesity, depression and anxiety. He was
bullied for his overweight body. His nick name was “Beer Barrel”. He became an alcoholic and his
weight exceeded 120kg at the age of 17.