Tony is the number one Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in Thailand, renowned for helping people treating their most difficult problems. Recognized by many as one of “the most important modern self-help gurus,”. He did support many people to lose weight by a disciplined but enjoyable workout combined with a flexible food discipline. His other successful titles include Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight, I Can Mend Your Broken Heart, I Can Make You Highly Confident, I Can Make You Happy, I Can Make You Quit Alcohol, I Can Make You A Human Magnet.Tony uses scientifically proven processes to create intense and captivating changes in people’s lives. He helped thousands of people to have a better life and a brighter future.His strategy is based on the reality of life and is very practical. He does not preach or tell you what to do. He shows you how to do it and stays with you until you reach your goal.He is by far the best in what he is doing and does not leave anything to chance or luck. His method is based on human transformation happening neurologically in your brains. He is a coach for success in any aspect of life.Tony M Cyrus, spent hundreds of hours studying human psychology. His passion originates from his own painful experiences in life, facilitating him to understand better than anyone, people’s pain and how to overcome this pain using unique and practical methods.Whilst the change happens in minutes only, his coaching results, unlike others, last for ever.Tony’s life coaching services will help you to develop your own skills and learn faster than your peers, regardless your age or background. His personal coaching style is unique for its lifelong learning. It has been continuously professionally evaluated.He teaches you how to model the Excellences in the World and transfer all this knowledge to yourself.He believes life is your real coach. You just need someone to help you to understand it and live it to the highest.


Why do you need a coach?

Having a life coach saves you loads of time and money, instead of wasting years of your life by going through trial and error to solve your different issues.Have you even ever considered how a life coach will help you to maximize your full potential?Having a right coach means that you can tap into your potentials and talents in order to help you to achieve your successes efficient and effective.

Looking for the right results, your life coach will support you to understand what you want to achieve. He knows the nuances of each communication style, masters numerous coaching traits and different life coaching specialties.

LIFE COACHING Frequent Ask Questions:

What is life coaching?

How long does it take to get results?

How do I know i need a coach?

What about the results?

What kind of service you offer?

Tony helped me to overcome my depression and become happier person in my life, everyday i feel so great and when I look at the past it makes me laugh.

J.M Nicolas Marketing Executive

I feel so grateful to met this guy because he saved my relationship, after 10 years of fight with my wife, now we are having best time of our time together.

Don Jackie General Manager

My weight had been a problem for most of my adult life. That’s because I wasn’t even registering what I was eating. Thanks to Tony I now view food in a completely different way.

Sanny Willderman Fitness Model

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