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Billion Dollar Loser

A fascinating book about a rise of a start up empire @wework which was founded by a young and inexperienced immigrant from #Israel, someone who even didn’t speak proper English and didn’t know anyone in the land of Wild West, but he made a generational wealth for himself that would take 100 generations to produce that amount but he did in less than a decade.It’s a super interesting story about how immigrants excel most of the time specially the #jewish people  who I admire most for their strong belief in dominating the world. 
However the story ended in a big loss for its investors one of them was #softbank the valuation dropped from $47 Billion to less than $10 Billion over the course of a year. But had a happy ending for its founder he could pocket $1 billy and  (exit)

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Courage Is Calling

It’s a book for those who let their fears stop them to take action!
This book teaches you to know you will fail but have the courage to do it anyway, because the more you do the stronger your mental muscles get! Unfortunately there are many people in the graveyard who had a dream to do or be someone than people who are alive!

My fear used to stop me to write even a word on social media but now i right a lut despite of many givetakes, it’s not because I’m courageous, it’s because it helps me to realize how illiterate I am and I have to work hard to improve myself every day!

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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

A remarkable book from one of the best authors and historians of 21 century. This book covers everything from #nationalism to #religion two strong tools that divide people and keep them under control!So if you want to be bright minded and escape from those traps this is one of the best books that can help you!

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Make Trouble

You know what’s so admirable?
When people like Cecile Richards who despite all setbacks, challenges and the negativities of their friends or family they make it to the top.
Success, power and leadership are not for everyone and it’s not something everyone should pursue as long as they are happy the way they live life!
However we need to know we can’t have everything we want if we’re not willing to pay the price, great things never come for FREE!

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

A book with full of F word that speaks the truth about human behavior in the eyes of society!
If you don’t want your freedom and happiness to not dependent on other people you should read this book!
But most of us live in the society that must rely on others, and you can’t express your thoughts or feelings freely! because it hurts others.
So what’s the best way to live?

Ego Is The Enemy

A good book for people who have too much confidence that can turn into #arrogance but not recommended for people who have no #confidence!
Just an humble opinion 😅


The Courage To Be Disliked

This is a great book for those who are not in the position of #leadership or #sales, because it’s the opposite of what you have to be! Yes the key to #happiness is to being yourself but only you can be yourself when you don’t need others to help you. Buy and read this book if you’re an independent person and seeks for #happiness!

The Changing World Order

Great book, only reading through a few chapters realized it’s a worth the time, this book is for everyone who’s seeking #riches #wisdom and #happiness
Shoutout to @williamgreen

Bubble Of Revolution

This book is a must read for those who go into the trap of crypto blindly.
By reading this book you will know that why #bitcoin was invented and what you should be expecting.
This is another proof of THE MORE IS LESS, that means nobody becomes rich when everybody betting on the same thing.
that’s interesting to see that history repeat itself and people still don’t learn from it.
It is reminder of the GOLD RUSH period in California nearly two centuries ago.

More Money Than God

Have you read this book?
If you’re interested in your financial health, this is one the of best I’d recommend,that can help you to stand out in the game.

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